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    Nitish Mathew

    Dr. Nitish Mathew was born and raised in South Florida. He attended Florida International University and graduated with his Bachelor’s in Interdisciplinary Studies in 2015. Shortly after, Dr. Mathew attended Lake Erie School of Dental Medicine and received his Doctorate of Dental Medicine in 2020. 

    Dr. Mathew has a wide focus in General Dentistry with experience in treating children and adults of all ages. As a child, Dr. Mathew feared the dentist growing up and wanted to help others get rid of their fears when visiting the Dentist. Dr. Mathew is also a member of the American Dental Association and the Florida Dental Association. He appreciates the importance of new technology in dentistry and in providing the optimal diagnosis and treatment of every patient’s dental needs.

    Dr. Mathew’s goal is to offer the highest quality of dental care in a relaxed, comfortable environment and to help fearful patients feel at ease. Outside of dentistry, Dr. Mathew enjoys hanging out with his wife, family, playing basketball, watching tv shows, and loves to eat! 

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