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General Dentists located in Boynton Beach, FL

Perfect Smile Dentistry provides comprehensive general dentistry services and cosmetic procedures to residents in the area of Boynton Beach, Florida. All of their patients, from young children to retired neighbors, appreciate their comfortable offices and the extra steps they take to help them relax, such as offering DVD movies to watch with digital goggles while getting dental treatment. 

Perfect Smile Dentistry is a state-of-the-art dental practice that uses the best technology to ensure quality dental care, as well as patient well-being. They use digital X-rays and intraoral cameras because they’re more comfortable for the patient than traditional X-rays. These cameras also provide high-definition images that reveal in-depth dental details. We do have also onsite lab in our office.

We are OPEN. We are following CDC and ADA guidelines to ensure patient and staff safety. 

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  • dr.akel
    Rasmi Akel, DMD
    General & Cosmetic Dentist

    Dr. Akel is a graduate of Nova Southeastern University School of Dental Medicine. He has participated in NSU’s Advanced Education in General Dentistry, with an emphasis in Cosmetic Dentistry, Prosthodontics, Endodontics and Periodontics.

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  • Gounakis
    George Gounakis, DMD

    Dr. George Gounakis was born and raised in Windsor, Canada, in a very close-knit Greek family. He attended the University of Windsor in Ontario, where he earned his undergraduate degree in biology. 

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  • Titherington
    Jessica Titherington, DMD
    General Dentist

    Dr. Jessica Titherington graduated from Florida Atlantic University with a Master’s degree in Biomedical Science before pursuing her dental education at Nova Southeastern College of Dental Medicine.  Her dedication to patients and the pursuit of excellence have characterized her professional career.  Outside of the office, she enjoys traveling, reading, and spending time with her husband and golden retriever, Brady.

  • d
    General and Cosmetic Dentist

    Dr. De Los Rios originally from Peru, Graduated from El Bosque University in Colombia with emphasis in Prosthodontics and Cosmetic Dentistry.  He received recognition for Outstanding Achievement from the Academy of Operative Dentistry from the University of Puerto Rico. 


What Our Patients Say About Us

  • First visit here today and everyone was super friendly. I never felt pressured into additional services and the final bill was reasonable.

    - DARREN
  • Absolutely fantastic facility and the staff are even better. Everyone was so nice to me and my child during our visit. Especially Laurie and Dr. Ramirez were awesome.

    - Shawn Holley
  • Had dental cleaning and everybody was nice attentive and very professional. Elanys was wonderful She was very professional.

    - Monica Posher
  • I've had major dental anxiety in the past and this place has totally changed my mind about dentists. Laurie and the staff are fantastic.They are so kind and welcoming. I always feel at ease when im there.

    - Sebastian Cardone
  • I loved this place. hey have the best hygienist ever named Solange Arroyo. She takes care of her patient, is very professional and passionate. I would recommend this place to anyone. The staff is very friendly.

    - Marleny Hidalgo
  • I went there as a new patient and was so comfortable. Everyone was so kind kind. Ruby did an amazing job cleaning my teeth. She was so relatable and efficient. The front desk women were great as well. Definitely a great dentist to check out.

    - Catarina Mercado
  • My experience was awesome from the front office to the doctor who took histime with me explaining everything step by step I cried inside with joybecause I never had that experience at the dentist 👍❤️ also the office wasclean

    - ​angela brown
  • Great experience! Super friendly, they understood my dental anxiety and fear and made it a great experience!

    - ​Amanda Stephens
  • So excited I found this place a few years ago. I had been here for 5 yearsand have had 3 different dentist offices. I love this office. The Dr wasgreat and my hygienist was great. They are great about explaining what theywas doing

    - ​Shelby Rojas
  • The Doctors are very skilled and the staff is kind and professional. I havebeen ĝoing to Perfect Smile for 13 yrs. And have always been very please

    - ​Judy Peterman1
  • I have been to several dentists in the area. They are all very good, butDr. Avi is easily the best. I would not go to any other dentist anymore.Also, his assistants are first rate, welcoming and friendly. They gave me adiscount

    - ​Richard Federman
  • Everyone, the staff at Perfect Smile Dentistry have been providing myfamily with Dental Care for over a decade. The team at perfect smile arevery personable, professional, and are always looking to provide the bestcare possible

    - ​Al Ingram
  • The Plan: I have been a client of Perfect Smile Dentistry for over ten years. Recently, I got tired of having old, worn down, cracked and chipped teeth and having to have them them repaired more times than I care tore member. I decided to make a major commitment and get crowns on all of myteeth to raise my bite (that had been ground down) and also to create the"perfect smile." Obviously, this is not a decision that one makes lightly.Moreover, redoing your entire mouth requires a great deal of trust in yourdoctor and in his team. The thought process: Based on the experience I hadhad at their sister location, "Big Smile Dentistry" in Lake Worth and at"Perfect Smile Dentistry" in Boynton Beach, I had no reservation aboutmoving forward with the treatment plan. The Procedures: My dentist is Dr.Rasmi Akel. While the required procedures to do an entire mouth full ofcrowns could not be described as "fun," Dr. Akel and his qualifiedassistants made the journey as painless as possible while providing goodnatured, distracting humor that made the difficult parts much morebearable. The extensive experience that Dr. Akel has had working withpeople is obviated by his comfort level in working with his patients and inthe care he takes performing procedures not to cause unnecessary pain. Weall wish that all our doctors had this degree of empathy. The journey islonger than I expected because Dr. Akel is a perfectionist. If a tooth didnot fit perfectly in the final Xray, he was not satisfied and insisted thatit be redone. All of medicine is an inexact science. Patience is anecessity if you want good results. I had to learn , to brush and flossmore efficiently and to present with healthier gums for the new toothtemplates to be accurate so that the crowns would fit properly. The Doctorand his team have been patient even when I failed to progress quicklyenough and provided me with encouragement along the way. While somedentists would put the teeth on, collect the money and be done with me, Dr.Akel stayed the course and made sure that I had the best possible outcome.Most people do not redo their entire mouth. What is important to note isthat only the best dentists are willing to undertake such an endeavor withthis degree of commitment. Both the patient and the dentist must commit andbecause of the professionalism at Perfect Smile Dentistry, I was motivatedto make the commitment to do what I had to to ensure that my teeth turnedout as good as they could be. The Results: I have the smile of a moviestar. All of my teeth are free of ugly fillings and look brand new. I have received many compliments from people I know who had no knowledge that Ihad done anything to my teeth. It is remarkable how much having nice teeth gives a person more confidence. The results are better than I had even imagined and I could not be happier. The entire team at Perfect Smile: the office staff, the hygienists, the assistants and the doctors are allfantastic. This is because Perfect Smile Dentistry operates as a family and once you are a patient, you are part of that family. I received no compensation for this review. All facts and opinions are my own. I highly recommend this dentist because of the superior treatment I have received.

    - ​James Show More
  • Just had my appointment with Dr T, she's the best! Dr. T has the magic touch, didn't feel a thing. Her technique is so smooth.

    Laurie her assistant today was so genuine and caring. Love them both. It's always a pleasure at every visit.

    - Pinky R.
  • Rodriguez, to his assistants Diane, and Marlene could not have been any more professional.

    - -
  • Akel was very kind and explained everything thoroughly and with patience.

    - -
  • All my children go here as well since they are finally at the age where the pediatric dentist is no longer appropriate when their feet are hanging off!

    - -
  • So excited I found this place a few years ago. I had been here for 5 years and have had 3 different dentist offices. I love this office. The Dr was great and my hygienist was great. They are great about explaining what they was doing. I love the front desk staff, too. They know my name and are very good at calling me and reminding me of my appts:-)

    - Shelby R. Show More
  • Since moving to FL...have made Perfect Smile my choice for all general dental work and I'm completely happy with their service, staff and virtually every other aspect of their business profile. They're 100% professional and keep in mind...they aren't a dental group made up of numerous dentists that use the name Perfect Smile as in a franchise; with only two (2) office (I go to the one in Boynton Beach), it is privately owned and just a terrific practice!!!

    - Bobby G. Show More
  • Awesome staff and experience! Love the atmosphere of the office! Would recommend to anyone. 

    - Denise S.
  • Perfect Smile provides amazing customer service and care to their patients.

    - Nadine L.
  • Very friendly and knowledgeable staff! Thank you for your help.

    - David S.
  • My family and I have been going to Perfect Smile for 10 years. It's always been a great experience.

    - AMANDA M.
  • The staff and doctors all have great customer service as their focus is to ensure you have a great experience every time.

    - AZAEL C.
  • The whole staff at Perfect Smile is awesome from the front desk to the back with the Doctors and Assistants and Hygienists.

    - KATHY P.
  • Thorough with cleaning, staff was very accommodating and seemed knowledgeable, and did not try to sell me on unnecessary services.

    - RICHARD Y.

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At Perfect Smile Dentistry, we accept most PPO insurance plans. Please note we do not take any HMO or Medicaid. Please contact our office if you do not see your insurance plan listed. Perfect Smile Dentistry offers financing options for your dental treatment. A short application is required, and in most cases you will be approved within 30 minutes. We will file your application for you and complete the necessary forms.

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