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Missing teeth need to be replaced so you can eat the foods you love and feel confident when you talk. You may have several replacement options, but if you want partial or full dentures, you can rely on Dr. Rasmi Akel of Perfect Smile Dentistry to provide your dental needs with gentle and compassionate care. Contact his offices in Boynton Beach, Florida, or schedule an appointment online to have your teeth evaluated and to learn about the benefits of dentures.

Dentures Q & A

What are the different types of dentures?

The kind of denture you need depends on the number of teeth you’ve lost and the health of your remaining teeth and gums. Even if you’ve only lost a few teeth, you still may not be a good candidate for partial dentures if the remaining teeth and gums aren’t healthy.

There are three types of dentures:

Conventional full denture: This kind of denture replaces all of your teeth and aren’t fitted until all teeth are missing or extracted and gums have time to heal.

Immediate full denture: This denture also replaces all of your teeth but is inserted right after teeth are extracted.

Partial denture: This type of denture replaces only a few teeth and is held in place using your existing teeth.

Dentures are made from prefabricated acrylic bases that come in many sizes, shapes, and shades. These bases are custom fitted for the gum tissue in your mouth.

What should you expect at the dental office when getting dentures?

Dr. Akel takes an impression of your mouth and talks with you about the type of denture that will work best for your dental needs. If you get immediate dentures, he will order them. When the dentures are ready, you’ll return to the dental office to get teeth extracted and to receive your dentures.

For patients getting partial or full conventional dentures, Dr. Akel extracts the teeth. However, he won’t fit you for dentures until after the gums heal. It can take six months for gums and bones to heal fully; however, some people only need to wait six to seven weeks.

Waiting for gums to heal is important because their shape changes during the healing process. If your dentures are fitted too early, they won’t fit properly after the gums heal and you’ll need to be refitted for new dentures later. You’ll have a similar problem if you get immediate dentures.

How do you care for dentures?

Brush your dentures every day using a soft-bristled brush or a denture brush. Avoid a standard hard-bristle toothbrush because it can damage the dentures. It’s acceptable to use hand soap or mild dishwashing liquid to clean your dentures, just stay away from harsh cleansers and abrasive toothpaste.

Since dentures can lose their shape if they dry out, keep them submerged in plain water or a soaking solution when they’re not in your mouth. Just be sure the water isn’t hot because that could make them warp.

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