Tooth Extraction Specialist

No one likes the thought of a tooth extraction, but in the capable and experienced hands of Dr. Rasmi Akel and the staff at Perfect Smile Dentistry, not only will they make your experience comfortable but they’ll also work with you to cosmetically restore your tooth following the extraction. Contact their office in Boynton Beach, Florida, or schedule an appointment online if you have any dental concerns. They’re available to help, whether you need a tooth extraction or an aesthetic restorative procedure.

Tooth Extraction Q & A

What dental problems require tooth extraction?

A tooth often needs to be extracted or pulled when a significant amount of decay or damage, or because an infection has destroyed a portion of the tooth or bone. Although Dr. Akel can perform treatments to save damaged teeth, sometimes there isn’t enough healthy tooth left to restore.

At other times, people need to have a tooth extracted because their jaw is too small to hold all of their teeth. If you have too many teeth for your jaw, they may be able to grow in, but then your mouth can become so crowded that teeth become misaligned.

Tooth extraction is commonly needed for impacted teeth, which are teeth that get stuck in the jaw rather than grow in normally. Wisdom teeth are common examples of teeth that can get impacted or that can grow in sideways.

What happens before a tooth extraction?

Before surgery, you have a thorough dental exam, including digital X-rays to determine the extent of the problem and to plan the extraction. Dr. Akel also reviews the medications you take because you must discontinue some of them before dental surgery. He also treats any infections or gum disease before scheduling surgery to prevent the infection from spreading.

After reviewing your X-rays, Dr. Akel explains the procedure and discusses with you the different types of sedation available. The surgical procedure he performs varies depending on the kind of extraction.

When the tooth is above the gum line, Dr. Akel may only need to loosen the tooth, and then pull it out. In other cases, such as an impacted tooth or when the tooth is severely damaged, you may need oral surgery.

What should you expect following the extraction?

After the extraction, you receive specific post-surgery care instructions from Dr. Akel and the staff at Perfect Smile Dentistry. One of the most important things to remember is not to do anything that disrupts the blood clot in the tooth socket. That means you need to avoid sucking through a straw, limit strenuous activity for about 24 hours, and stop smoking.

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