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Invisalign clear aligners are just like braces without the embarrassing appearance of metal. Dr. Rasmi Akel at Perfect Smile Dentistry is a Certified Premier Provider of Invisalign, so you can count on his expertise to straighten your teeth, using invisible plastic aligners. Contact one of their offices in Boynton Beach, Florida, or schedule an appointment online if you’d like more information about how to get the smile you desire.

Invisalign Q & A

What is Invisalign?

Invisalign is a brand of clear aligners that achieve the same dental adjustments as traditional braces without visible metal or other noticeable materials fastened to your teeth. They’re used to straighten teeth, adjust the spacing between teeth, and correct an overbite or underbite.

How does Invisalign fit in your mouth?

The smooth plastic aligner fits snugly over your teeth like a mouthguard. You can feel confident because the aligner is virtually invisible and because it stays in place. At the same time, it’s easy to remove so you can brush and floss teeth.

How are clear aligners made?

After you decide to get Invisalign clear aligners, Dr. Akel takes an impression of your teeth and creates a model of your mouth. He uses that information to design a treatment plan, showing you how each tooth must be adjusted.

The treatment plan is sent to Invisalign technicians, who develop a series of clear plastic aligners custom-made for your teeth.

How do Invisalign aligners work?

Each clear aligner in the series has a slightly different shape, so each one places a different degree of pressure on your teeth. As you go through the series, wearing each aligner for one to two weeks, and then replacing it with the next one, they progressively move your teeth into the desired position.

How long do you wear Invisalign aligners?

Treatment with Invisalign takes about six to 18 months. The length of time varies for each person, depending on the severity of the misalignment being corrected. After Dr. Akel creates the treatment plan, he can tell you how long you’ll need to wear your clear aligners.

It’s important to know that the aligners should be worn 20–22 hours every day. If you forget to put them back in after brushing, or if you stop wearing the aligners for any reason, you won’t get your desired results.

Dr. Akel schedules routine check-ups as long as you continue to wear Invisalign. During your follow-up care, he verifies that your teeth are moving into the correct position and makes sure you don’t have any problems or questions about your clear aligners.

Will you need to wear a retainer after treatment is finished?

After treatment, retainers help keep your teeth in their new position. Invisalign offers a brand of clear plastic retainers that are stronger than the aligners, so they maintain the adjustments made during treatment.   

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